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Selling web to clients

When we decided to go into web in the late 90s we were mainly being reactive; client's wanted a website as part of the development of a new identity.

We went with the flow... at the beginning we built static sites with inhouse web designers. Later we moved to a Content Management System to get more design flexibility and better technical support.

Along the way we developed a system for pitching for websites.

We now talk to clients about a Return on investment (ROI) for their website.

Selling web ROI

There are many ways to prove an ROI  for web. We have a few clients who have call centres. In setting up their website one of the ROI measures was to reduce calls to the call centre. This involved making the content on the website easily accessed so that customers can get answers online instead of ringing the call centre.

With sales organisations there are a number of standard, simple ROI measures.

Here's an example of a scenario that could be included in a submission for a website.

...  a company that sells products that can be used in a wide range of industries. They may spend about $30,000 over three years to develop a 100 page website promoting their products. The site has been segmented into industry groups. Each section has downloadable fact sheets and specification sheets for each product. They receive 4-5 enquiries per day on the products offered directly from their website.

The cost of a qualified lead

Currently, the site is generating an average 4-5 enquiries per day, 20-25 per week, 1,000-1,250 per year. If we take the lowest point we accept 1,000 enquiries per year .

There is a lot of debate about the true cost of a face to face sales call but it seems safe to assume that it averages around $200. (A phone sales call costs $60.)

Using the figures above, the $30,000 website amortised over three years is $10,000 per year. Divided by the 1,000 enquiries equals $10 per sales call.

This is a rough and ready ROI measure, but it is an easy way to show clients the potential.

It's a successful opening approach. Once you get their interest you can use this approach based on their real costs.